French Veterinary Academy

The aims of the French Veterinary Academy are:

- investigate all scientific, technical, legal, historical and ethical topics involving the competencies of the veterinarian, especially those related to animals, their diseases, their relationships with humans and the environment, animal production and veterinary public health;

- contribute to the dissemination of scientific and technical developments relating to veterinary activities;

- advising Government and enlightening public opinion in the above areas;

- develop technical and scientific relations, national or international, between veterinarians and others involved in life sciences and health;

- The Academy expresses its opinion on all matters within its competence, including those referred to it by the government. The Academy’ opinions are adopted by qualified majority of holder and emeritus members present.


Flash Actualités

" Séance des Lauréats de Thèses vétérinaires de l'Académie Vétérinaire de France ", aux Cordeliers,...

La lettre N° 20 d'Avril 2017 marque définitivement la reprise de cette publication.

Allocutions et liste des prix

Secrétariat :
34, rue Bréguet
75011 Paris
Tél. : 01 53 36 16 19
Mél : academie(at)